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Customer Reviews

Live album, worth adding


Nicely done live versions from that era. I prefer his live albums, and this did not disappoint. Not the first album for any collection, but fits nicely as you get get deeper into his music. Seemingly not just cranked out as another release for the ZFT.

Zappa Live in Chicago 1978 at the Uptown Theater


I LOVE this Album!!! & I'm old enough to use that word because I was there when this Album was made! Tes at the Uptown Theater that was only out the back door, acorss the ally, through the gangway & I was there! If I remember right tickets were twenty bucks. I was about 19 years then. I just turned 6 on the 24th of Jan.Rock on all you Zappa lovers. He is all I listen to.Right now I have 14 Albums on my MacBook Pro.

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