11 Songs, 38 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
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282 Ratings
Brandixx ,


I'm so proud of you guys!(:

_Katelyn_ ,

You guys are amazing! BUT....

Don't get me wrong... I am a total emblem! The only thing is you guys are changing your style.... I liked it better when you had more of a beach vibe and less pop. I liked it when you wrote all of your own music, played your own instruments. (with Kenny and Kyle!) I love you guys so much and will support everything you guys do, just try to stay true to the original emblem3! (Look at Taylor swift... She writes her own songs and look how successful she is) ;)

E3 <3333 ,


I am honestly very dissapointed. I LOVE E3 and have been waiting for this album for a long time, but this is not them. I miss the old E3. I even like the new songs, but they have great voices, they don't need to hide behind all of this extra beats and pop like nonsense to sound good. Don't get me wrong I like pop music but E3 is becoming exactly what they said they didnt want to be in the beginning, a stereo typical "boyband" It makes me so sad because they are soooooo much bettter than that. I will still continue to support them because I love them and know they are talented. I just wish it was more of there natural voices on the album and less of the other crap.

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