12 Songs, 46 Minutes


About Krista Detor

b. 14 January 1969, Burbank, California, USA. This Bloomington, Indiana-based artist began recording in the early years of the new millennium, and was soon being championed by her peers as one of the most promising artists to emerge from the American singer-songwriter scene.

Detor began performing on stage as a teenager in her native California, but a restless spirit saw her spending her early to mid-20s living and performing all over America and further afield into Asia. She settled in Indiana at the start of 2000 and began to focus on pursuing a recording career. Faced by the daunting prospect of finding a contract in a crowded and competitive industry, she chose to self-release her 2003 debut A Dream In A Cornfield. The album was written in collaboration with musician/producer David Weber. The duo’s diverse songwriting drew on blues, folk, country, rock and jazz, reflecting their years of experience spent soaking up musical influences. Detor’s rich vocals and earthy piano playing, meanwhile, helped give substance to the cast of surreal characters populating her songs.

Detor and Weber teamed up again on her second album Mudshow, which followed three years later and received wider distribution through CoraZong Records. The music may have been more restrained this time around, but melodically and lyrically Detor eclipsed her previous recording with an enthralling collection of original songs.

Burbank, CA
January 14, 1969



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