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4.4 out of 5
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164 Ratings

Don't care what anybody else thinks

This album is pure awesomeness! Who cares if it's different than their old stuff, still a solid ep. Can't wait for a new full length!

Mr. Mooseknuckle

Figure out who you are.... What is this??

All you people giving this five stars are stupid. This is crap. Crap that belongs in nerdy college kids collections who are into Radiohead and Interpol. This band has NO IDEA who they are. it sounds like Damien Rice. Birtheater was a masterpiece, both musically and lyrically. This is sooooo boring. Don't waste your money.

Niels H

Extremely interesting...

I was a huge fan of The Tide and when Birtheater came out I thought the album had some really cool songs. When I heard this EP was coming out, my reaction was mostly just, "Hmmm... Oceana's coming out with a new EP, let's see how it is." I was shocked. Not only did they branch out to different styles, but they changed guitar tones and vocal style and everything. I fell in love with it after the first few listens. All the songs deliver an incredibly passionate, and sometimes melancholy feeling, which I realized made the EP something I would be obsessing over the next few weeks. I hope they keep writing stuff with so much feeling. For you old Oceana fans: I can't really tell if you'd like it or not. I mean, there's not much hardcore, but I guess you would have to listen to it yourself.

Now listen to the song Joy. Ironically, it might make you cry.

About Oceana

The members of St. Petersburg, FL's Oceana started their band while still in their teens, inspired by moody, effects laden post-hardcore bands like Sparta, Saosin, and Misery Signals. After looking all the way across the country for their Washington State-bred singer, Keith Jones , guitarist/vocalist Alex Schultz, guitarist Jack Burns, bassist Robbie Davis, and drummer/vocalist James O'Brien, signed to Rise Records and began working on their debut album, The Tide, release in March of 2008. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

St. Petersburg, FL



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