15 Songs, 49 Minutes


About Jack Off Jill

South Florida's Jack Off Jill is a sultry version of what Marilyn Manson could be, but not entirely a passionate foursome. Formed in 1992, Jack Off Jill's raging stage presence and lyrical intensity brought the band national recognition without the powerful backing of major-label support or industry management. Enigmatic frontwoman Jessicka, bassist Robin Moulder, drummer Laura Simpson, and guitarist Ho-Ho Spade released a handful of 7"s and a slew of EPs, including their Marilyn Manson-produced debut EP cassette, Children 5 and Up, in the mid-'90s. Gumball's Don Fleming was next in the production seat for the band's first full-length, 1997's Sexless Demons and Scars, and the Covetous Creature EP followed a year later. Jack Off Jill returned in mid-2000 to release their dark sophomore effort, the Chris Vrenna (ex-Nine Inch Nails) engineered Clear Hearts Grey Flowers. Their career retrospective release, Humid Teenage Mediocrity: 1992-1995, was issued in 2006. ~ MacKenzie Wilson




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