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Stay Positive Hollie ! You are Great !

Allen Hewitt,

Incredible voice, pitch, tone, and the judges need to learn to coach equally. All six are talented but J-Lo would get goosies if Joshua burped, come on Jennifer, lighten up and give the advice in a respectable and professional manner. We know, as it is quite obvious, who your favorites are! However, you need to accept that "the public" has reconized Hollie's talent and properly rewarded her with the votes. Deal with it, you can not control everything! Really sick of the "one-sided" comments!

Best of luck Hollie and enjoy the success you have earned !

Great way to end the show tonight!


Hollie...FABLOUSITY! Love your voice and you are hitting your stride now. You go, girl!
I'm buying this song!

About Hollie Cavanagh

Liverpool, England-born, McKinney, Texas-bred vocalist Hollie Cavanagh began singing at the age of 15, honing her stagecraft at middle and high school talent shows. In 2011, Cavanagh auditioned for season 10 of American Idol, but was cut in the Green Mile round. Encouraging words from (then) judge Jennifer Lopez, who promised the young singer that with a little practice, 2012 could be her year, prompted Cavanagh to have a go at season 11, where she placed fourth overall. ~ James Christopher Monger

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