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The Only Collection With "Here Comes The Night"


I honestly cannot understand why the mid-tempo rocker "Here Comes The Night", Nick Gilder's follow-up to his 1978 #1 hit "Hot Child In The City" (originally from the "City Nights" LP) did not make his "Greatest Hits" collection (for sale here at iTunes)? The song almost became Nick's second Top 40 hit, stalling at #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart. But it's here at iTunes on this collection of forgotten singles that hit the Billboard Hot 100 but just didn't get the airplay they deserved, as is the full LP version of the disco-rock hybrid "Our Love Is Insane" by Desmond Child and Rouge, an almost Top 50 hit (peaked at #55 in 1979) and the late Cozy Powell's eerie drum-laden rocker "Dance With The Devil" which also fell short of reaching the Top 40 in 1974, making it as high as #45. In fact this EMI/UMG compilation is the only album that has any of these aforementioned lost hits that you can purchase here at iTunes. However, there is the bad with the good. There's quite a bit of filler "hits" (not really worth mentioning) on this collection album. Nevertheless, hopefully this an omen that the original albums from these artists (the Cozy Powell hit actually came from a soundtrack) will eventually arrive at iTunes after several years being out of print. Still a decent investment if you can stomach the bad tracks.

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