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Memories of Michael R. Zureck in the 80's


So yeah - here I am in 1989 - I am living in Buffalo NY about to go on a vacation to Los Angeles with my Mom. I ask my best friend for a few TAPES (thats what they were called) to bring for inspiration. This one, and "Lion and the Cobra" by Sinead stuck in my head and have affected me to this day. The energy, the feeling of promise, THESE were the feelings of the 80's. Listen well and be transported to a place that exists only to a gifted bunch. Oh, and Michael if you ever read this, I love ya. Always.

Best Album they produced by far!


If you go back and listen to the older albums it seems like a warmup to this one, but they jsut weren't able to quite put it all together untl this album. There is not a bad song on here, and most are way above average if you like modern rock music. Every beginning on every song has a catch or a really nice phrasing that gets your attention, some just hold it better than others. This is one of the best unknown albums of the 80s, you will not be disappointed! It was disappointing that after reaching this point in their musical development however, that follow-on albums were never able to capture the magic that World Without End has.

About The Mighty Lemon Drops

Formed in Wolverhampton, England, in 1985, the Mighty Lemon Drops were a psychedelic-influenced post-punk band with a guitar-based pop sound that drew comparisons to Liverpool's Echo & the Bunnymen. Originally called the Sherbert Monsters, the lineup consisted of singer/guitarist Paul Marsh, guitarist Dave Newton, bassist Tony Linehan, and drummer Keith Rowley, with Newton and Linehan contributing most of the songwriting. In December of 1985, the group released their debut single "Like an Angel" on regional indie Dreamworld Records and it rose to number one on the U.K. indie chart. After appearing on NME's influential C-86 compilation, the band signed with Geoff Travis' new Chrysalis subsidiary Blue Guitar in the U.K., and with Sire in North America for their debut album Happy Head. The album was well-received and was reported by a Sounds magazine critics poll to be one of the 50 best albums of 1986. They followed up with 1987's Out of Hand and then again in 1988 with their third album World Without End, which yielded the hit "Inside Out." World Without End rose to number 33 on the U.K. charts and to number one on the U.S. College chart in 1988. Later that year, the band parted ways with Chrysalis but kept their contract with Sire in the U.S. During sessions for their fourth album, Laughter, Linehan left the band and was replaced on bass by Marcus Williams. The band remained popular in the American modern rock scene during the late '80s and Laughter debuted at number one on the College charts, even managing to crack the Billboard Top 200 pop chart. The band continued writing and recording their brand of well-made, melodic alt-pop, releasing Sound… Goodbye to Your Standards in late 1991 and their final studio album, Ricochet, in 1992 before disbanding later that year. ~ Timothy Monger

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