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5 out of 5

5 Ratings

5 Ratings

So so so good!!!!!!!!!


Everything she does is spectacular! This album is very different from the last but like Wheel - Cocksure is nothing short of greatness!!!!!! Over the past couple years, every song from Wheel at one time or another became my favorite song; this album will be no different - depending on my mood, every song from Cocksure will end up being my favorite at some point, I'm sure. I mean are you kidding me with the lyrics and melodies?! I have track 11 on repeat right now. So so so good!!! Can't believe you can still see Laura and the Cans in a club/small venue and you would be most fortunate to catch them live. Laura and her band are special. Talent of this caliber is extremely rare.

Better than ever

flyin hawaiian

This might be the bands best album yet. A huge change up in sound from previous albums. I was honestly skeptical when torch song and jellyfish came out. But now I can't stop listening!

Just astounding


Every song on Cocksure is crafted with such care, they each feel so distinct but so powerful. Very different from Wheel, but Laura Stevenson always manages to shift her sound with each new album while remaining recognizable and just as masterful. Cocksure's album closer is perhaps my favorite song in her entire discography. Astounding work.

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