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Who's Lincoln park?


These guys are amazing, so unique in what they do, and the only band to me who has incorporated rap into metal very well. I'll be blasting this for quite awhile!

Amazing band, Amazing album

Soul reaver Raziel,

Buy this album.
Nuff' said.

About Dangerkids

With a sound that blends the worlds of rap, electronic dance music, post-hardcore, and metalcore, Dangerkids feel like a revised version of Linkin Park. Forming Dangerkids in Dayton, Ohio in 2012, members Andy Bane, Tyler Smyth, Jake Bryant, Jake Bonham, and Katie Cole combined their varied influences to create a dark and moody sound, bringing disparate worlds together in a way that retained the best bits of all the genres involved while still feeling cohesive. Their debut album, Collapse, was released on Rise Records in 2013. Blacklist_, the group's much anticipated sophomore outing, dropped in 2016. ~ Gregory Heaney

    Dayton, OH

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