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Customer Reviews

Haughty, over-wrought, and poorly sung!


Ah, for anyone who remembers these horrible PSAs on WCSH6 in Portland, ME back in the early 1990s, I am sorry. I am similarly afflicted.

"Color me Green
Because I'm holier than thou art,!!!!!!
Because I care about the planet,!!!!!!
And because you obviously do not,!!!!!!
Color me Green.!!!!!!
Because I'm such a great person,!!!!
Because my poop don't stink!!!!

Such preteniouness to have children who don't understand the meaning of their words pretend that they are holier than thou. Mike, if you had the ability to sing, you would have. I can hit demo on the keyboard, too.

Sweet, uplifting album with great messages for kids


This is a sweet album with lots of positive, anthemic messages for kids. Plant a tree is a sweet song and a great thing for all kids to do, too.

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