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A little gem.


Ethereal, calming, soothing. This is a surprising album, bearing similarities to Morcheeba, Bjork, and a little something else. Recommended!



I've been a fan of Emiliana for several years now, and from the first song, I just love this album. It's re-imaginings of her previous work. Fun, colorful, and simply beautiful...

About The Colorist

A Belgian ensemble known for their re-compositions of established artists repertoires. Citing Harry Partch, Moondog and Luigi Russolo as influences, the unconventional orchestra was founded in 2013 by Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans. The eight piece outfit implements classical instrumentation alongside self-created musical instruments to create innovative sounds. The group is comprised of Proesmans (percussion, calabash), Jespers (percussion, flapamba), Sep François (melodic percussion, mibari), Wim De Busser (grand piano, prepared piano, keys), Tim Vandenbergh (double bass, electronic bass), Gerrit Valckenaers (bass clarinet, stones, mirrors, glass bowls, electronics), Jeroen Baert (violin), and Karel Coninx (viola). Their work has led them to collaborate with Sumie Nagano, Cibelle, and Emiliana Torrini. For their project with Torrini, they recomposed a number of tracks from the Icelandic singer/songwriter's back catalog, and performed a number of shows with her. Their collaborations resulted in the 2016 live record The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini. ~ Bekki Bemrose

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