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This Album Rocks!

Dude!! It Rocks!!!!,

I think that this is an excellent album, and heres what i think about the songs. 30/30-150- Everyone seems to love this song, but I don't think that its Stone Sours best song. Not saying that its junk or anything, just saying that it isn't the best9/10 Come What(ever)May- Great title track, and is one of my favorites.10/10 Hell & Consequences- Good song. If you like Come WHat(ever)May or Made of Scars, then this is your song. 9.5/10 Sillyworld- This is one of Stone sours softer ones. I like Through Glass and Zzyzx Rd. but this song just doen't do it for me. But if you like it, don't let my review stop you. 6.5/10 Made of Scars- My second favorite on the album, and the lyrics in the verses totally rock. Just listen carefully and you'll see what I mean. 11/10 Reborn- Right after the excellent Made of Scars is my favorite track on the album. Just like 30/30-150, it really shows their Slipknot roots. I love it!!13/10 Your God- Pretty good song. Not my favorite, but thats just my opinion. 8.5/10 Though Glass- It is very overplayed, but I still think that it rocks. Really goes to show that Corey doesn't need to be screaming to sound good. 10/10 Socio- I hear a resemblence to Come What(ever)May, but it may just be me. Anyway, it's a great song and if you've liked the album so far, you should like it. 9.5/10 1st Person- Matches the rest of the album, and shouldn't be skipped. 8.999/10 Caradiff- I find this song as kind of a filler, just because it has nothing special to it. Not one of my favorites. 8/10 Zzyzx Rd.- Don't know if it's just me, but I love this song, and I think that its better than Though Glass. A wonderful way to end the album, and will make you want to listen to the album again.11/10

slipknot fans


they didnt leave slipknot-- they are part of both bands.. they did not sell out-- stone sour gives them a chance to expand and experiment as well as to delve into the introspective smoother parts of their musical talent-- i love slipknot, dont get me wrong, but a lot of these songs feel like vermillion pt 2 crossed with pulse of the maggots, and if you think vermillion pt 2 was "selling out" you can go bury your head in the sand-- stone sour is GOOD. find another outlet for your rage

About Stone Sour

Although Slipknot made their mainstream debut in the late '90s, singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root got their start a few years prior in Stone Sour. Described as a cross between Metallica and Alice in Chains, the group spent several years playing the Iowa bar circuit before the two men joined Slipknot. Stone Sour re-formed in the early 2000s, though, and quickly distinguished themselves with a pair of gold-selling albums and three Grammy nominations.

The band's reunion began in early 2002, when Root and Taylor contacted original guitarist Josh Rand and bassist Sean Economaki about recording a full-length Stone Sour album. The bandmates had released several demos during their initial time together, and some of those songs were re-recorded for Stone Sour's self-titled debut, which earned two Grammy nominations and was RIAA-certified gold. Drafting in drummer Joel Ekman, the band released a song for the Spider-Man soundtrack ("Bother," credited only to Taylor) while recording the album in Los Angeles. A tour followed, and Stone Sour took a short break while Taylor and Root returned their attention to Slipknot for the recording of Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses.

Several years later, the band returned to the studio to work on a second album. Come What(ever) May was produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver) and released in August 2006, where it hit number four on the Billboard charts and spawned the successful single "Through Glass." Stone Sour hit the road that same year on the Family Values tour with high-profile headliners Deftones and Korn, and they released a digital concert album, Live in Moscow, in 2007. Once the touring was over, Corey Taylor and Jim Root shifted their focus to Slipknot once again, this time for the creation of 2008's All Hope Is Gone.

Stone Sour's hiatus was shorter this time around, though, as the group returned in 2010 with a new album, Audio Secrecy, a more subdued effort that found the bandmembers maturing as songwriters. This trend continued into 2012 with their next release, House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 1, which would be the first part of an ambitious concept double album. A year later, in 2013, Stone Sour released the second part, House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 2. A pair of covers EPs , Meanwhile in Burbank and Straight Outta Burbank, arrived in 2015, followed by the band's sixth full-length, Hydrograd, in 2017. ~ Bradley Torreano

    Des Moines, IA

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