10 Songs, 34 Minutes


About DTCV

Pronounced "detective," DTCV is an indie rock duo from Joshua Tree, California featuring French singer/songwriter Lola G. and American guitarist James Greer. Greer's diverse career in music dates back to the early '90s when he was first a senior editor and writer for Spin Magazine and then a member of Guided by Voices during their influential mid-'90s heyday. Prior to forming DTCV he also wrote several novels and screenplays. After he met Lola at a party in Hollywood, the two began pooling their unpublished songs, taking influences from stoner rock, garage, post-punk, and classic indie and emerging in 2012 with their debut LP, However Strange. A double album called Hilarious Heaven arrived the following year, and in 2014 they issued a compilation of their early singles and EPs, The Early Year. Touring and writing prolifically, DTCV released their third proper studio album, Uptime!, in early 2015. A year later, Confusion Moderne -- which featured lyrics entirely en français and production from psych wizard Joel Jerome -- appeared. ~ Timothy Monger

Joshua Tree, CA