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More people need to know about this guy, he's so great! His voice is smooth and soulful, and I could listen to it all day. And the instrumentation is also awesome, and actually has personality, unlike a lot of current music. I'd put him up there with John Mayer and Eric Hutchinson - give Ernie a listen!!



Just saw this guy live at SPACE in Evanston and he was amazing. Talented and funny, he had the whole room entranced by his musical talent and in stitches between songs.

About Ernie Halter

Influenced by some of the legendary names of pop and soul, such as the Beatles, Elton John, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, and -- oddly -- the Go-Go's, Californian Ernie Halter first began to make waves for himself with the release of his 2005 collection, Lo-Fidelity. The singer and songwriter got his start playing a small -- mostly covers -- coffeehouse gig in 1992, and was able to maintain the difficult position of being a working musician (and closet songwriter) by simply paying his dues, working on songs in his spare time, and playing in coffeehouses and smaller gigs to keep active on the scene and to sharpen his skills. Eventually, word of mouth and the Internet community on websites such as MySpace worked in Halter's favor, and by 2007 -- and his next release, Congress Hotel (on Rock Ridge Music) -- he had built up quite a buzz, and the staunchly indie Halter could be seen touring throughout much of the United States. ~ Chris True

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