12 Songs, 45 Minutes


About Plaitum

Delivering otherworldly electropop made up of intoxicating synth leads, cavernous, reverb-laden vocals, pulsating beats, and fuzzy basslines, Plaitum are a dark alt-pop duo from Colchester, England. Abigail Dersiley and Matt Canham became friends at a very young age, going on to discover the music of genre-bending, household acts such as Massive Attack and Talking Heads in their teens. Eventually the desire to create their own songs took hold, and the two formed Plaitum in 2011. Putting together their own makeshift bedroom recording setup, the two got to work writing lyrics, tracking different sounds and melody ideas, and gradually crafting the skeletons of songs to come. Dersiley and Canham eventually caught the attention of world-renowned producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Bloc Party, London Grammar) and were subsequently signed to his own label, Wolf Tone Records. As material began to gradually take form, Plaitum got to work on their debut self-titled EP, demoing ideas in their original bedroom setup and completing recording at the Church Studios in Crouch End, London with Epworth.

Released in late 2015, the EP garnered favorable reviews, with many comparing the band's style to that of American glitch/noise rock outfit HEALTH, Canadian synth pop duo Purity Ring, and the hook-laden vocal melodies of English electropop artist Charli XCX. They kept busy and returned the following year with second EP Jagwa and the Grace Hits/MYO single. The B-side was accompanied by a stylish, artistic video featuring skilled vogue dancers who were personal friends of Dersiley and Canham. Plaitum's debut full-length effort, Constraint, was released in 2017. The record received numerous positive reviews, with many commending its textured, layered, and detailed production alongside its illustrative lyrics that tied the record together with a number of unifying themes such as introspection and fractured relationships. Plaitum spent the rest of 2017 promoting the album with numerous live appearances around London and elsewhere in the U.K. ~ Rob Wacey

Colchester, Essex, England
August, 2011