11 Songs, 38 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5
35 Ratings
35 Ratings
Magic Bendy ,

Amazing Guitar Work. Overpowering Drums.

The guitar work on this is excellent. Fantastic. Amazing. However, the drums, (by Nita’s boyfriend, Josh Villalta), are overpowering. They were consistently mixed to be louder than the guitar work, and we all bought the album for Nita’s guitar playing. And, okay Josh, we get it. You’re a good enough drummer that you can match beats with the the quickness and intensity of Nita’s guitar licks. Good for you. ...But we don’t need to hear it in every single song, dude. And we never should hear it OVER her guitars. Give it a rest. It is Nita’s project, but it seemed like the drums were constantly competing for the listener’s attention; which deprived us Nita Strauss fans of being able to enjoy the fullness of the talent that she displays on this album. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the Josh was the one who mixed this album, (I don’t know if he was, but it wouldn’t surprise me). At least on the slower, “Here With You”, Josh is forced to play like a normal human being and we can hear Nita’s guitars. I have nothing but good things to say about Nita’s contributions to this album. She’s one of the best Rock guitarists out there today. She is destined to be one of those guitarists we consider to be prolific and “legendary”, (such as Eddie Van Halen). Nita is without a doubt in that category and, if you can tolerate the drums in the foreground on this album, you get all the proof of her skill you need. I’d give this five solid stars for Nita’s composition and performance; but I have to take off two stars because the drums are, in fact, THAT annoying, overpowering, and completely out of place. I’d love to hear this album re-mixed so that the guitars are brought up and the drums brought down.

Grimlore ,


Great instrumental shredding album.

Bibhouse ,


The 10000 hrs + it takes to get to this level of musicianship are definitely showcased on this album. She rocks! Go Nita!