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10 Ratings
WorldQuestioner ,

Good album merge, but low quality, low fidelity analog

Doesn't have the loud noise and crushing punching beats that I think of industrial music having. Collision and Solitude of confinement have a deep, complex, and layered sound. Collision would be good had it not been for the clean undistorted bass vocals, which are kind of dorky and annoying. If it was distorted, screamed and growled vocals, Collision would be great. Solitude of Confinement on the other hand has female choral samples which I don't care for.
Right hand of Heaven is good.
Concussion sounds like Jazz Jackrabbit 2. I like it. Vocals are not screamed/growled, but much better than the vocals in Collision. On the other hand it doesn't have the deep sound of electro-industrial like Collision does.

ambientkid ,

This is the classic early stuff!

"Corroded Disorder" is a compilation of the two deleted vinyl releases, "Corrosion", and "Disorder". Excerpts from these two albums were compiled onto the excellent CD, "Convergence". I played that CD over & over in Art school back in the day, and still find it some of my favorite FLA work, as it's less manically beat driven and more spatial! I recommend "Corroded Disorder" even further as it has the the entire track list from the vinyl albums and a couple of bonus tracks. Get this one if you'd like to explore the more ethereal (and by ethereal I DO NOT mean Delerium-ish!), artsy side of FLA!

U R B A N I S T A ,


Clearly he is not the talent that Ogre is, but this album hands down is one of there most influential and creative for its time. For us old timers... This was a staple! Many *&^%$#@ times this album provided!

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