2 Songs, 4 Minutes


About Internet Forever

In 2008, Laura Wolf (not to be confused with Laura Wolf of the like-minded group Betty and the Werewolves) teamed up with her longtime internet-based buddy Heartbeeps and Christopher Alcxxk to form Internet Forever, a trio whose gritty, puckish indie pop tunes welcome comparisons to the Vaselines and the Pastels, not to mention contemporaneous acts like los Campesinos! and Bearsuit. Internet Forever started playing around their native London by February of the following year, and they wasted no time in releasing a smattering of singles before the year was out. By the time 2009 came to a close, the trio had released a 7" single ("Cover the Walls," released on Twenty Years of Boredom Records), a cassette tape (Tape Alarm 001, via Laura Wolf's fledgling label, Tape Alarm Records), and made an appearance on a Brainlove Records compilation disc (Brainlove: Fear of a Wack Planet). Another 7" single, "Break Bones" (featuring artwork by the Dum Dum Girls), was slated for release on Art Fag Records in 2010. ~ Margaret Reges



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