13 Songs, 32 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
607 Ratings
607 Ratings
JonCSublime ,

Album is what it's titled

A track listing and rating of each song, this CD is Sum41's best work, and the album is indeed all killer, and no filler.

1)Introduction to destruction- except for this one. it's an intro. 4/10

2) Nothing on My Back- sick opening guitar, great melody. 8/10

3) Never Wake up- loud guitar, random screaming for a good 50 seconds. 6/10

4) Fat Lip- arguably their best song, I think its overrated. its still a great piece of punk. 9/10

5) Rhythms- catchy hook and lyrics. 10/10

6)Motivation- Their best song, without a doubt. unparalelled guitar, and it's appeared on soundtracks for movies as well. 10/10

7)In too Deep- ok i lied. its a tie. goes from slow to fast, and it won't bother you. 10/10

8) Summer -This was also on their first album, and it really deserved to be on 2 of them. 10/10

9) Handle this- the only slow(er) song on the CD, i think it could be better faster. 6/10

10) Crazy Amanda Bunkface- Sounds too much like a bad version of Fat Lip. 6/10

11) All She's got- sick guitar solo. nuff said. 9/10

12) Heart Attack- Great wakeup song. killer killer chorus. 8/10

13) Pain For Pleasure- overrated. its a break from the style of the CD, but still good. very satanic though. 7/10

Brodie The Roadie ,

Don't Judge it by its Strange Cover!

Probably the best band ever and this is their best CD by far, so just buy it all


1) Introduction... - Kinda weird intro but funny 7.5/10
2) Nothing on My Back - Strong lyrics, great beat, awsum guitar, one of best on CD 10/10
3) Never wake up - not 2 familiar with fast, but bad lyrics and good drums 7/10
4) Fat Lip - If ur a fan this is known as 1 of their biggest hits, good lyrics, catchy rythm, great song 10/10
5) Rythms - Catchy lyrics and good beat 10/10
6) Motivation - VERY GOOD one of best on CD 10/10
7) In Too Deep - Prally biggest hit, great song, catchy lyrics 9.5/10
8) Summer - Very good lyrics with meaning, good guitar and drums 10/10
9) Handle This - One of slower songs but still very solid with great guitar and lyrics 9/10
10) Crazy Amanda Bunkface - Very weird and not completly full, steady flow tho, i dont particularly like it 7/10
11) All She's Got - Not very strong lyrics but cool guitar, good drums and good beat 8.5/10
12) Heart Attack - VERY GOOD SONG, best on CD my favorite song by them, very great lyrics, great guitar, bass, and drums, very good 12/10
13) Pain for Pleasure - Awsum guitar and bass, not strong lyrics cuz they're kinda weird but funny, great end to the cd tho 7.5/10

OVERALL - GREAT CD and i really sugest u buy it all or at least the good ones, this is a great band and they deserve respect i giv them... 10/10 for this solid CD becuz this band is definetly not one hit wonders were u oonly like 1 song in the CD, they make every song G-R-E-A-T!

Whatsinaname9000 ,

A Killer Beginning

This was a fairly popular album, and contains hits such as "Fat Lip" and "Nothing on My Back." "Fat Lip" is an absolutely vital track for any collection, and is arguably the greatest song they've ever produced. Overall, this is a much better album than "Half Hour of Power," and it shows the progression of their sound from the simpleness of their first EP. I'd rate this the third best album Sum 41 produced ("Chuck" being the first, and "Does this look infected?" being the second), but it still contains some excellent tracks. The songs, "Nothing on My Back," "Motivation," "In Too Deep," and (obviously) "Fat Lip" are great additions to your rock collection.

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