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Mastered for iTunes

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Your music is phenomenal

Love how deep and theologically accurate it is.



I’ve been listening to Art of Joy (Jackie Hill Perry’s first album) since it was released. I’m exited that she released this album and it’s better than the first, which is hard to consider since the first was amazing. Jackie if you are reading this, we praise God for your gift!



My wife and I bump to Art of Joy all the time and we have been eagerly waiting for JHP to drop her next album so you can imagine how excited we are for this!!

About Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry is a Christian poet and hip-hop artist whose outspoken views have generated both fame and controversy. Perry identifies as an ex-lesbian, and is outspoken in her belief that LGBTQ+ people can be converted to heterosexuality through faith. Perry had a troubled childhood and at the age of 17 she began to act on her attraction to other women. In 2008, she experienced a spiritual awakening and turned away from same sex relationships. By 2010, she began writing and performing poetry about her experiences, and later adapted her work into hip-hop music. Signing with the Christian hip-hop label Humble Beast, she released her first album, The Art of Joy, in 2014, followed by Crescendo in 2018.

Jackie Hill was born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 21, 1989. She grew up in a home without a father, and was sexually abused when she was five years old. While her family raised her as a Christian, abuse at home and bullying at school took a toll on Hill, and when she was 17, she began dating women. Playing the role of a stud (the dominant figure in a lesbian relationship), Hill was a visible figure in the local LGBTQ+ community, and claims she also became addicted to drugs and pornography. In October 2008, Hill says she experienced a spiritual awakening, and that the Lord told her that her lifestyle would lead her to an early grave. Turning away from her lesbian partner, Hill renounced her past, accepted Jesus Christ, and returned to the church. In 2010, she made her debut as a performance poet at a Passion 4 Christ Movement event, reading several of her poems, including "My Life as a Stud." At the event, Hill met fellow spoken word performer Preston Perry, and the two began dating. As she began speaking regularly at churches and writing for Christian journals, she also began appearing on Christian hip-hop podcasts and radio programs, sharing her testimony in verse. In January 2014, she struck a deal with Humble Beast Records, and they released her first album, The Art of Joy, in November of that year. That same year, Hill and Preston Perry married, and she began using the name Jackie Hill Perry; a year later, they welcomed a daughter, Eden. In May 2018, Perry dropped her second album, Crescendo, with her memoirs, Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been, scheduled for publication in September of the same year. Perry's statements have been criticized outside of Christian circles; a February 2018 speaking engagement at Harvard University was met with protests by students and faculty, while some 200 people signed a petition requesting Perry's lecture be canceled, accusing her of "hateful beliefs" and "homophobia and ignorance under the guise of a journey to faith." ~ Mark Deming

St. Louis, MO
June 21, 1989