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4.8 out of 5

683 Ratings

683 Ratings

Worth the under $5.

Mario Melejián

I hate hate hate purchasing music and giving undeserving artists my parents' money, but Brandon and Leah have something really special about them that makes irresistible and charming. Maybe it's the obvious love they have for one another that shows in their collaboration the the music they make.

Great job Brandon and Leah (Branleah for short). You've managed to charm your way into a special place in my soul (or rather, my ears) and I applaud your amazing work!

Can't wait for more music. Also, April 9th means a great deal to me so the fact that this album happened to release on this date makes it that much more special.

Keep making beautiful melodies.

I sound so gay right now, but I'm feeling warm.

Mario M.

New Obsession


I love their sound, it is unique and refreshing among other music out now. It is definitely worth the money for this EP.

Truly Lovely


Leah's voice is so melodic and soothing, this is such a pleasant and lovely EP to listen to. Showstopper is sexy and sultry, the lullaby qualities of Say it Ain't So Bad are soothing, and the lyrics of the remaining three tracks are evocative and unique. A great addition to any playlist.

About Brandon & Leah

As Brandon & Leah, husband-and-wife duo Brandon Jenner and Leah Felder make laid-back, sun-soaked reggae, soul, and pop-influenced music. Although they shared similar backgrounds growing up in Malibu with famous parents — Brandon's father is Olympic legend Bruce Jenner and Leah's father is former Eagles guitarist Don Felder — it was the duo's shared love of music that first brought them together. They first began writing songs together in high school and played in various bands. In their twenties, Brandon & Leah also formed a romantic bond and married in 2012. As relatives of the Kardashian family, the couple has appeared regularly on the E reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2013, Brandon & Leah released the EP Cronies.

Malibu Beach, CA



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