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What a voice!


I saw Rebekah and her amazing band last summer in NC. I've been a fan ever since. I've heard the new CD already since I helped fund her kickstarter campaign. It's a great CD. Trouble is sultry, Streets of Santiago goes from cool/low to completely wild - her voice at the end is just amazing - WOW! Rotten Man is a great 6/8 50s-like sound with great breaks. 'Til the Wheels Fall Off - starts out so jazzy/cool, and the chorus is sonething I find myself singing all day! Let Me Show My Love - a good song with some nice guitar accompanying her voice. Can't Sleep - straight-up blues and this is a style that she just kills - huge range in her voice! Hustle - where did this song come from? It's so funky and it really stands out on the album - excellent! Tin Roof has some nice slide guitar on this bluesy tune. Lightning Bugs has a cool New Orleans / kinda Bo-diddley rhythm - very fun to listen to. Wandering Soul finishes up the CD with a folky kinda song with some nice harmonies. If you like this CD, don't forget to get her other earlier CDs which I think are equally strong - in particular, get the song Wishing Well which is probably still my favorite song by Rebekah!

Beautiful voice!!


I saw her at Floydfest in Virginia last week and her voice is amazing!! Beautiful and great range, sounding like an classic R & B singer from the sixties, to a wide open Janis Joplin, and everything in between. I bought this album on site at the festival and haven't regretted it once, just wish there was more music from her. Take a listen and see if you agree.

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