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Mastered for iTunes

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140 Ratings
Gary from Coarsegold ,

Touching bases with an old friend.

The artists who I love seem like friends to me, and in the case of David Crosby, an old, old friend, dating back to my jr. high school days listening to the Byrds. The last Crosby album I’d purchased was “Oh, Yes I Can”, back in ’89, and so I looked forward to this opportunity to spend some time with this old friend, and do some catching up.
I was hoping to hear about his travels, share some jokes, maybe go sailing, but it seemed like all he wanted to do was sit around and complain about the state of the world. It was sort of depressing. I’d be okay with a song or two of preachy social importance, but not the bulk of an album. Not a shred of humor, and not a love song in the collection. No songs without words, soaring purely on melody and harmony. No inspired compositions approaching the likes of “Guinnevere”, “Lee Shore”, or “Traction in the Rain”.
That said, musically this album is quite good, and is full of great vocal harmony. Crosby still has that beautiful voice and his wonderful sense of phrasing . “Holding On To Nothing” is a beautiful piece, if not uplifting, and “What’s Broken” is another very nice piece that features Marc Knopfler’s unmistakable guitar. “Slice of Time”, and the optimistic “Find a Heart” are also keepers. So this collection has its gems, but as a whole, it’s a bit of a downer.

boomdelux ,

90% iPod Worthy

Yes he is still alive and teaching others what music is all about. Phenomenal lyrics and excellent melody. I don’t always listen to acoustical rock but when I do he’s the one..

cholli-O ,

Wow if you love Crosby, it's golden time

Not much to say. I just love every song. And I don't say this as a 'blind' fan. Lots of so-so stuff in his solo work. Some brilliant, some not so much. He's as good as he's ever been here, and I like the most how vulnerable each song is. Harmonies to die for. Raw emotions made poetic. He's really asking us to reach our furthest and deepest and be our bravest. But without being preachy or too literal. I feel blessed to get more music from him! Possibly the best work of his career. Among the best without any question. Thank you David Crosby!

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