12 Songs, 41 Minutes


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4.3 out of 5
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17 Ratings

They're Back!!!!

This album is definitely different than their last two. But if you were a fan of their original albums, you'll appreciate their comeback. I love that their sound has grown up along with me. My only question is.... what happened to the umlaut?


Still Awesome

Cruel Cruel World is definitely different than their first two albums, but still awesome. This CD is a bit darker, mainly only because of a few emoish songs which are actually pretty good. Another difference in this CD is variety. The songs each have a different sound. "Tricky" is like rap and catchy pop in one, "Don't Love Me That Way" is a heartbreaking ballad, and "If You're Ready" is pure energy made for dancing (featuring one of my fave artists Fefe Dobson, though under an alias); and those are only a few of the selections. "Cruel Cruel World" still has the essentials of Prozzak, though: catchiness, energy, great lyrics, and no love. If you're a Prozzak fan you'll probably love this comeback. Get this CD.


Totally Amazing!

this is a great album. My favorite song is Clothes We Wear.

About Prozzak

Canada's animated pop duo Prozzäk consist of slight, saucer-eyed singer Simon and strong-but-silent guitarist Milo. Voiced by Jason Levine and James McCollum of the Philosopher Kings, Simon and Milo searched for love and understanding on their debut album, Hot Show, which featured the wry single "Sucks to Be You." ~ Heather Phares




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