7 Songs, 22 Minutes


About Little Girls

Epitomizing the cheesy side -- a huge slice of Velveeta, in fact -- of ‘80s new wave, the Little Girls were two young ladies who took bubblegum to its sugar-sweet limit, writing goofy novelty songs that were either brilliantly satirical or annoyingly stupid, depending on your perspective. If Punky Brewster decided to form a new wave group, it probably would've sounded like this. The Little Girls were sisters Caron Maso (guitar, vocals) and Michele Maso (vocals), both from San Fernando Valley. In the early ‘80s, the Little Girls had two novelty hits, "The Earthquake Song" and "How to Pick Up Girls", both hits on Los Angeles new wave radio station KROQ. Neither track attracted mainstream attention although MTV did play the silly "How to Pick Up Girls" video and "The Earthquake Song" joined the new wave all-stars on the Valley Girl soundtrack. The Little Girls released one LP, Thank Heaven, in 1983 and even opened up for larger, international acts such as the Pretenders and the Boomtown Rats. However, the joke wasn't funny anymore and the Little Girls split up. But nostalgia for "The Earthquake Song" was awakened in the late ‘90s as the track was dusted off for compilation CDs and ‘80s retro radio programs, and the clip for "How to Pick Up Girls" was eventually revived by VH1 Classic. In early 2004, the Little Girls decided to reunite for a one-night only live performance in Santa Monica, CA. ~ Michael Sutton