16 Songs, 59 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
310 Ratings
310 Ratings
suzy creamcheese ,

Yes, Ignore the iTunes Review

Cake has always been misunderstood by critics, who don't like it when bands are smarter than they are. Fortunately, fans of the band tend to be independent thinkers, so the critical opprobrium hasn't hurt sales. If you want to form an independent opinion, just listen to the controversial cover of "I Will Survive," below. "Too ironic!" say critics, making me wonder how they can be typing with their fingers jammed into their ears. What's genius about that cover is that it SEEMS ironic at first listen, then the love starts seeping through, and you realize that it maintains a perfect, impossible balance between irony and reverence. It's that balance that's characteristic of Cake, not pure irony. They see what's cheezy about disco--or racecars or romance--but they love them anyway. The album holds up very well, even overplayed numbers such as "The Distance." My favorite song, however, is the sad-exasperated-confused-and, yes, ironic "It's Coming Down." If you're new to the album, sample the three I've mentioned, then, if you like 'em, come back for the rest.

simplicit ,

What a Disgraceful Review!

i am not an avid fan of cake myself but this reviewer is simply awful... i hope that whoever wrote such a terribly indecent critique gets fired, abandoned by their loved ones, and then run over by a tractor and torn to shreds by a pack of angry beagles.
I bite my thumb at you reviewer!!

F***in Frick ,

Cake is Not sophomoric!

Cake is a Great band! The main review of this album was clearly written by a person who dislikes the band and that's not fair to the artist. I agree that its not there best work but its infinitly better than the junk on the radio. Buy the album or dont, I dont care, but as a true Cake fan i find the main review insulting and felt i should endorse cake and all there musical efforts. I like this album!

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