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5.0 out of 5
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11 Ratings

Deep, soulful and spirited

Quinn has a rare talent: A soulful, stirring voice with powerful and emotional undertones. These five songs are the start of something special for her and for us as fans.

After the single "Dark Places" highlighted an emotional episode of the Showcase and SyFy hit series, Continuum, of which I am a fan, Quinn and her incredible voice were no longer a secret to the world.

This EP is just the tip of the iceberg for her. Quinn is destined to break out in a big way--and soon. I love all five songs and can't wait for more from her in the future.


Every song, excellent

You see the five stars from everyone? There’s a reason for that! My new favorite. I’m going to hate it when the stations get ahold of her and overplay it. So good! So good.


Love it.

I haven't listened to any music in my car other than this album since I got it a few days ago. Before this EP, the only song I knew was "Dark Places". I've been in love with that song since I heard it on the TV show "Continuum" a couple months ago. That song has a different sound than the other four tracks on the album, but even though the other songs have a different sound than I expected, they are still epic; being driven by her powerful and versatile voice and catchy tunes. Each song has me hooked. I'll be listening to one song and think, "ok, I think this is my favorite" and then the next time I go through, I have a different favorite. So really, I guess this whole album is my favorite. Seriously, this album rocks. So buy it.

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