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A soulful, classy singer and songwriter, Mica Roberts was born on a farm (a farm she still owns, although she makes her home currently in Nashville) near the small town of Locust Grove, OK, which is situated some 50 miles east of Tulsa. Music defined her early life, and she avidly pursued it, joining the school band, school choir, and anything else related to her passion, even taking night classes in music at Tulsa Junior College during her junior and senior years in high school, garnering several music scholarships in the process. She opted to hit the road, however, following her graduation, and spent four years working amusement parks and campgrounds (with a stint on a cruise ship) before landing in Nashville. While supporting herself as a waitress, she began singing at a local club called the Bull Pen Lounge, and actually met country singer Toby Keith there. Nine years after arriving in Nashville she finally landed a job singing background vocals for Faith Hill, touring with her for the next four years. She also did similar tours with Jessica Andrews, Martina McBride, and Billy Bob Thornton. When the Thornton tour was playing back in her native Oklahoma in 2003, she was introduced to country legend Willie Nelson, and while she was visiting with Nelson on his bus, Toby Keith also came aboard to visit Nelson. Keith didn't initially recognize Roberts, but finally remembered her from her sets at the Bull Pen Lounge, and consequently asked her if she would be interested in doing background vocals for his current live show. She agreed, and has been singing with Keith ever since as part of his touring ensemble, the Easy Money band. Roberts' contributions to Keith's live show and her featured solo spotlights were consistently impressive, and Keith signed the singer to his own Show Dog Nashville label, which released Roberts' debut single, "Things a Mama Don't Know," in 2008. ~ Steve Leggett

    Locust Grove, OK

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