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With a sassy demeanor, a natural beauty, and impressive singing chops, the Beu Sisters embarked on a promising music career in early 2002. But for Candice, Christie, Danielle, and Jiliane Beu, singing was just a normal part of their life.

Originally born and bred in New York City, the Beu Sisters were surrounded by classics of the Broadway stage early on. Their parents were both show business veterans and had performed in some of theater's greatest productions. In 1991, the Beu Sisters left Manhattan for the suburban community of New Smyrna Beach, FL. Once they settled into their new home, the girls returned to singing. Their parents' divorce three years later didn't deter them from writing from their hearts either. The Beu Sisters were serious in making music their lives.

In 1997, they cut a homemade demo. Costumes were designed and dance routines were created in order to perfect the Beu Sisters' act. By then, they were well into their teenage years and developing other interests. Candice Beu had an impeccable skill for drawing and painting while Jiliane Beu liked costume design. Danielle Beu, who is the youngest of the group, was happy being a teenager and hanging out with her friends. Christie Beu was a champion surfer. She took first place at the Women's East Coast Surfing Championships at Cape Hatteras in 2000. Still, the Beu Sisters continued to come together in song.

Before the '90s came to a close, the Beu Sisters were a sharp a cappella act. They went on to open shows for the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, Bad Company, Ricochet, John Anderson, and country bad boy Daryle Singletary. They also spent several months getting press kits together. Songwriter Desmond Child (KISS, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith) took notice. Within three days of receiving the Beu Sisters' demo, the girls were in his Miami home for an audition. Steve Greenberg, president of S-Curve Records, was also on hand to offer the Beu Sisters a recording contract.

Over the course of two years, the Beu Sisters honed their funky pop/rock style. Christie Beu had taken to formulating vocal arrangements while the group worked with various songwriters. In 2002, the Beu Sisters made their proper debut with the reflective, warm sound of Decisions. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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