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Great Album, Great Performances..."Unusual" Show


Angela Lansbury shines (as she always does!) on this album and is adeptly surrounded by an exceptional cast. The story stretches the willing suspension of disbelief to the outer limits (even for a musical), but given a score on a par with other Jerry Herman musicals, the album is highly entertaining. Angela delivers a delightful madwoman of Chaillot who draws us into her hopelessly romantic world. Even in 2010, we want to believe that the horrors we see will melt away in the face of her unbridled optimism. Check out "Each Tomorrow Moring," "I Don't Want to Know" and the title song. Jane Connell (Gooch from Mame) joins in on the Tea Party where several songs are blended into a single joyous cacaphony of the ladies' conversation.

For another Jerry Herman nugget, check out "Mack and Mabel" starring Robert Preston and Bernadette Peters.

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