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63 Ratings

Not the original hits


My primary frustration with the K-Tel offerings in the iTMS is that most if not all of the songs available are NOT the original recordings, though they ARE by the same artists. I feel that this should be listed somewhere as prominently as they are on the physical CD if purchased. Some listeners do not care if the song is EXACTLY the same one that played on the radio, as long as it is the same song by the same artist. Others (such as myself) do NOT want an alternate version of the song; we want the ORIGINAL version as it played on the radio. Once I learned (by listening to the samples) that K-Tel = not originals, I learned to avoid these albums.

Exactly like the 60s: bad dope.

Jimmy Olssen

Try to score some iTunes, but them pushers at K-tel take my bread––give me bad dope. Exactly like the 60s. Send 'em off to re-hab, 4 it 2 late.

20th Century Rocks: 60's Pop Those Were The Days


Very Disappointing! I believe it's past time that K-tel learn that offering newer versions by the original artists is not proper. You cannot fool us who know our 'RockNRoll'. To the younger listeners, do not buy these newer versions. If you're not sure, then ask somebody who knows. I would not take these tunes for 'Free'.

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