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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
83 Ratings
83 Ratings
Fillmore Slim ,

A worthy successor to Internal Affairs

Pharoahe makes a triumphant return with this second solo album. Strong production is coupled with heavyweight lyricism and delivers an injection of uncut hiphop that is immensely needed in the girls and bling era that currently prevails videos and radio airwaves. After a brief intro the album takes off with the heavily blues influenced "Free". A defiant shot across the bow of the music industry, Free is an appropriate opening track that sets up the rest of the album extremely well. The Alchemist produced title track "Desire" follows and keeps up the energy with a gospel like hook and Pharoahe proclaiming himself the the Poetical Pastor. "You will feel me" he proclaims. It's hard to argue with that declaration. The third track "Push", much like Desire has a heavy gospel influence and although very good should probably have been placed later in the album. Next up is "Welcome To The Terrordome" an homage to the great Public Enemy track with the same title. Verse one is a rehash of Chuck D's classic verse followed by perhaps the best verse on the album(if not the best definitely my favorite). "What It Is" gave me flashbacks to the great Organized Konfusion albums to the point of me anticipating Prince Poetry dropping a verse. "When The Gun Draws" sees Pharoahe dropping verses from the perspective of a bullet with lines like "My attitude is cold and callused/Killed Kings in Tennessee, presidents in Dallas". "Let's Go" is up next and frankly might be a step back as although a strong song seems like filler on this album. It is followed by a hilarious skit where someone is surfing radio stations. "Body Baby" sounds like it's straight out of a juke joint in the South. It has an infectious energy that will most definitely have your head bopping. Pharoahe put's his mackin' skills on display in "Bar Tap" trying to get at a young lady in a club. This self produced track shows Pharoahe's talents don't end at rhyming. The gifted songstress Erykah Badu teams with Pharoahe on "Hold On". Probably the most the most radio friendly track on the album this one will probably get spins on your local "Where hiphop lives" radio station. Hopefully so because the message of the song, the beauty of a young black girl from childhood to womanhood, would provide a much needed change of pace from your normal radio fare. "So Good" slows things down and delivers a sensual homage to bedroom activities. Pharoahe delivers rhymes with a velvet like smoothness over a stepper's tempo track. The albums finale "Trilogy" is a portrait, broken down in three "acts", of the aftermath of an incident of infidelity. This is my favorite track of the album. Each act exquisitely produced and flowing into each other in a way that portrays the emotion of the moment. Of particular note is the exceptional work on the hooks for each part (Mr. Porter in act 1, Dwele in act 2 and Tone in act 3). Act 3 ends with so much energy and bounce that I didn't want it to end. I highly recommend this album.

goodmuziclovr ,


Why isn't this cd getting any air play??? I'll hear that dumb a bay bay song a million times (and I don't even listen to the radio anymore!) R. Kelly (for some sick reason I will never understand) still has a career AND THIS CD DOESN'T GET THE AIR PLAY IT DESERVES?? A damn shame. Excellent cd!! Pharoahe deserves better!! You'll have no regrets if you buy it. My favorites: Bar Tap and So Good. But then to be honest, I really love them all. :)

Hip-Hop Nerd ,

Rap for Real...

This is something you can feel. Incredibly produced and my man Monch's flow is absolutely insane on this one. I waited for the explicit version to write a review on but saw it was a partial album and almost threw my computer out the window (iTunes, why do you do this to me?) The beats sound sooo, soulful, that you'd think this was an R&B album. While in a way Monch's always done things on slow soul tracks, the rapper in him comes out in full force, and the opening track "Free" is very, very powerful. His subject matter is positive, flow is insane, and tracks (especially "Push") are precious gems this is an almost perfect Alternative Hip-Hop album.

I Still Love H.E.R (God bless Pharoahe Monch, Hip-Hop needs more you's)

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