9 Songs, 36 Minutes


About Necroblaspheme

French death metal band, Necroblaspheme, was formed in Paris in April of 2001, and, true to their name, showed a penchant for wallowing in subjects both deadly and blasphemous right from the start -- as evidenced by their (ahem!) "tastefully" named first demo, "Foetal Sodomy," recorded that September. Needless to say, such unreserved vulgarity quickly drew enough attention to earn them a deal with small independent Destructive Records, which released the group's 2002 debut album, Introducing Pure Violence, and then promptly went bankrupt (coincidence?). As a result, Necroblaspheme was set adrift for a few years, and certain members became distracted with other groups (primarily metalcore outfit Murdum), before deciding to reconvene and start working on new material. This would eventually be shaped into 2008's Destination: Nulle Part, featuring a notably more sophisticated, even esoteric, lyric-writing direction, matched to an insistently violent, but technically proficient brand of traditional death metal. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia