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27 Ratings

its was good but


ok we know that they do some crazy stuff but this, i mean its not the best out there. i saw them live and they were totally difrent then back than so im giving it a 3 it is good but not as good listen 2 the bass and bass drum they dont go to gether aw well as i should .listen to the newist cd of them and its right were it needs

you can agree or disagree i dont care this is my thought!


Straight Outta Hell

Beefwellington III

This is one of the best psychobilly albums ever made by the men who are undoubtedly the kings of psycobilly. The incredible skill and precision of Sandrof (at least for a punk band) and especially Nekroman allows the band to reach an unheard of level of psychobilly madness. The title track, Curse of the Coffin is a true classic of the genre: fast, dirty and insane. Listen to Kim Nekroman’s bass on this one. His speed is truly incredible and his vocals make the track really rip. Alice in Psycho Land is another great, speedy and crazy. Sandrof’s solos are consistently awesome and so is Nekroman’s bass. If you like psycobilly you’ll love the Nekromantix and this album. My favorite album of theirs is actually their first, Hellbound, but this one runs a close second and, like the Nekro’s themselves comes straight outta hell.
Other Nekromantix albums I would suggest: Hellbound, Return of the Loving Dead, NOT Dead Girls Don’t Cry: big disappointment. (I own all these albums)

only three stars?????


this should have 5!!!!!
classic psychobilly.
great old school sound but still with the same aggresion and speed!

About Nekromantix

Nekromantix counts as one of the wilder bands working in psychobilly. Kim Nekroman (bass, vocals) quit an eight-year career as a submarine operator in the Royal Danish Navy to found the band in 1989; Peter Sandorff (guitar, vocals) and Kristian Sandorff (drums) joined him in the trio soon after. After performing live on two occasions, the band immediately gained an enthusiastic following, not only in Denmark but also in Germany, where they made their first festival showing in Hamburg. That performance led to a record deal for the first Nekromantix album, Hellbound. With a sound once described as "Elvis meets the Wolfman," the band toured extensively throughout Europe in 1991, releasing Curse of the Coffin, their classic second full-length album, that same year. The Brought Back to Life EP appeared in 1994, and two years later Nekromantix offered up Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend. A tour in Japan followed, as well as a 2000 live set for Kick Music.

Nekromantix signed with Hellcat Records, a vanity label of the respected punk indie Epitaph, for 2002's Return of the Loving Dead, their U.S. debut. The guys stayed with the label through 2004's Dead Girls Don't Cry, which appeared after Nekroman's relocation from Copenhagen to Los Angeles (the Sandorff brothers stayed put in Denmark). Brought Back to Life Again followed a year later, which was actually a reissue of the by then out of print 1994 release. The Nekromantix lineup did see some turnover over time, and backing up Nekroman's signature coffin-shaped bass and vocals in 2005 were guitarist Trouble Tony and drummer Wasted James. By the April 2007 release of Life Is a Grave & I Dig It!, however, he was instead joined by guitarist Tröy Deströy and drummer Andy DeMize (Andrew Martinez). Deströy left the group shortly after the album's release to pursue a solo career, and was replaced by guitarist Pete Belair from the Aussie band Firebird.

On January 11, 2009 DeMize was killed in an automobile accident, and the band brought in its first female member, Lux, to take over behind the kit. Arriving in 2011, What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell!, the band's eighth studio long-player, was the first Nekromantix outing for Lux and guitarist Franc, the latter of whom had replaced Belair in 2007. In 2014 Lux left the fold and was replaced by Adam Guerrero, formerly of Rezurex, who made his debut on the band's 2016 offering, Symphony of Wolf Tones and Ghost Notes. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges





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