10 Songs, 42 Minutes


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4.1 out of 5

10 Ratings

10 Ratings

smooth contemplation


That's what describes this album. It could be a sunday morning or a long drive on a deseted highway. It evokes a loneliness that is comfoted by soothing melodies and relaxing vocals. It always takes the edge off. very well done.

Different Days


Somehow has worked it's way to the top of my list and not going anywhere.Comforting,soothing,very deep and masterful in my honest opinion.front to back,Can't get enough.

unique awesome sound

El Jake

Seriously this is like nothing I can really compare to with anything else. It's really more of a mix of different stuff that blends together to make it one of my all time top albums. Just at a glance, if not the whole CD than defintely pick up (in order of best to meh) A Day Between, Morning Disaster, So Suprise, Different Days, Sleepless Nights, Better Than Bleeding, It Follows Me Around... yeah those are the best ones (ya I know, thats mroe than half the album, but its just that good!)

About L'altra

Chicago-based experimental ensemble L'Altra comprised Lindsay Anderson, Joseph Costa, Ken Dyber, Eden English and Marc Hellner. Their gorgeously atmospheric self-titled debut EP was released on Aesthetics in mid-1999. Music of a Sinking Occasion followed a year later. ~ Jason Ankeny



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