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Fool me once...


I forgave your transgressions with 2nd law. We worked on trying to get that spark back between us. Drones felt good and it seemed like we were on the right track together. But, you had to go back to that electronic slut again? What does she have that I don't? Is it her many buttons that you easily push? You know what, I promised myself no to get emotional over this. I dug down realizing we don't have that magic together anymore and we've drifted apart. I wish you well Muse. We will always look back on the good times--Showbiz through Resistance.
Love always,

Experimentation is in Muse’s DNA


People are going to complain that this song is both overly simplistic, and very pop-rock sounding(also that the bass line sounds kind of like madness), but you should seriously reassess Muse over their entire career and find a time where in one manner or another they did not try to push the boundaries of their capabilities. Muse are as I have said for as long as I loved them so incredibly versatile (arguably their greatest strength), I don’t know many bands that could finesse a song like this and then in an instant switch to some swashbuckling riff-heavy track. I admit it is not their best or most unique song ever, but I must also confess that I actually do enjoy the hell out of it, and am as always ready to see what this incredible band has in store in the future.

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