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2.6K Ratings

Requiem ,

Don't Keep This Album a "Dirty Little Secret"

The second album by The All-American Rejects has presented a notable shift in maturity for the band. Their debut was purely emo, filled with lovelorn lyrics about loss and sadness. This album, however, deviates from that path, and the band showcases their true passion and emotion through songs that not only tug at the heartstrings, but also enlighten and empower. This album truly is an inspiration.

"Dirty Little Secret" is possibly the catchiest single on the airwaves right now. It's bouncy, fun, and lighthearted. As a whole, this entire album has a lighthearted feel, especially compared to the last one. This song is fun, and although a bit superficial thematically, there's nothing wrong with being a little bad sometimes. The song is rocking, pushing a steadily fast tempo until it reaches the bridges, where singer Tyson Ritter unleashes his full vocal passion. Ritter's vocals are top-notch on this album, but he saves the impact for one part of the song, where he really lets loose for maximum effect.

"Stab My Back" reverts to the old theme of lost love, but it's far from the depressing material of the last album. The song is bitter and powerful, but on the whole, the boys simply don't seem to care as much about this breakup. Still, the song's impact is strong, and the song is catchy nonetheless.

"Move Along" is a true surprise. Starting off just with drums, the song then breaks into a bouncy, jaunty guitar part. Ritter's vocals are passionate and positively inspirational. This song is motivating and hopeful, telling us to "move along, move along just to make it through," come what may. Wow, now THAT'S a shift from the hopelessness of the last album.

"It Ends Tonight" is a true ballad, and one of the best tracks on the album. The boys haven't forgotten their roots, and this song brings back some of their inner pain, which they've kept at bay throughout the album. The song starts off slowly, with simple piano, then picks up when the drums and guitars kick in during the second verse. Truly moving.

For me, "Change Your Mind," "Night Drive," and "11:11 PM" are fun, but not noteworthy. On a lesser album, they would be, but they seem to dull in comparison to the rest of the songs. That's not to say that they aren't great... they just lack the emotional impact of the remainder.

Track 8, also known as "Dance Inside," is arguably the best song on the album. Ritter's vocals are thick with passion, breathy, soft, and completely effective. The imagery portrayed in the song is beautiful and perfectly grasps the feeling of making love. Now, don't get me wrong, this song isn't sexual in any way - rather, it paints perfectly the picture of two lovers truly wrapped within one another.

"Top of the World" begins with a sexy Latin guitar piece, and the song is rocking throughout. It's a big middle finger to authority, filled with attitude. "Straightjacket Feeling" is substantially slower, much akin to "It Ends Tonight." This song, however, is a bit more artistic and abstract, and perhaps one of the most musically beautiful on the album. Ritter handles his vocals with incredible control, proving that he's truly improved leaps and bounds from the last album.

"I'm Waiting" is another rocking tune, but not one of my favorites. The harder songs on this album don't appeal to me as much as the emotional ones, but then again, that's emotional old me for you. "Can't Take It" is a beautifully orchestrated end to the album, with a full string section. The tempo shifts often, emphasizing the effectiveness of Ritter's passionate vocals. A perfect end to a wonderful album.

Overall, this album is a leap in maturity from the band's debut. The boys seem more eager to experiment with new sounds and instruments, and the effect is amazing. Their music is genuine and filled with passion - a necessary edition to any music fan's collection, and truly deserving of five out of five stars.

chrisroth451 ,

A California Mix Specialty

Powerful. Passionate. Spirited. Need I say more? The All-American Rejects' sophmore album "Move Along" is chalked up with rock ballads that will blow your mind. Singles "Dirty Little Secret" and "Move Along" tend to allow their listeners to enjoy this enrgetic CD for months on end. My personal favorite, "Change Your Mind", does not only bring a smile to my face, but it also changed my life. So next time you're driving through the Bay Area of California and you want to get pumped up for a night out on the town you just have to Move Along and find the new All-American Rejects CD.

candygirl554 ,


This album is such a big step from their first one! They branch out a bit in the lyrics and the tunes are more distinguishable. The catchiest song is easily Dirty Little Secret (btw the music video is awesome and tyson ritter looks soooo hott) with a rocking beat and nice lyrics. Definately buy this album....its addicting

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