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6 Ratings
Ryan L123 ,


Sounds awesome!!!

WGN5150 ,

Awesome song! **PETE! WE NEED MORE MUSIC!**

This song is fun, it rocks, and you can put it on repeat for hours!

This is signature Pete Thorn sound and playing. You might think to yourself - hey - there’s some hot for teacher stuff going on here... it’s not. It’s Pete. There’s the double bass swing of the bass drum and similar tempo of Hot for Teacher... but that’s where similarity ends.

From the ripping rhythm, to the free flowing solos that practically use every fret on the guitar, to the breakdown in the middle which is ambient and mellow - then builds perfectly - then unleashes into a frenzy of pull offs crazy picking with a touch of sped up Homage (another Pete Thorn classic)... this song feels like the notes weren’t written or pre planned - it’s shredding. Really. Awesome. Fun. Dripping with talent shredding!

If you haven’t downloaded the song yet... do it now! Then download every other Pete Thorn song on iTunes including Guitar Nerd. You won’t regret it!

And... Hey Pete! When are you finally gonna take your music on tour!?

JrzJen ,

Pete’s Pioneering Impact on The Guitar Instrumental

There’s no denying that from the ‘80s onward, the guitar instrumental has ventured into hitherto unexplored territories, with virtuosos such as Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Yngwie Malmsteen and others setting new standards for the concept. For the purposes of this review, virtuosity is less a consideration than pioneering impact.

With DIRTY TOWN, Pete Thorn offers a powerful guitar combo of atmosphere and emphasis on texture influenced not only by style, but a cross-generational choice of instrument and technology.

Let loose Pete, stretch out, keep mastering pure sound... We want more!

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