13 Songs, 1 Hour, 2 Minutes


About Prana

This psychedelic trance group was formed in London in 1993 by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor (Snake Thing) who had met in Tokyo in the early 90s and recorded there as Blissed. In 1994 they released material on the Inter 1 Records (Genesis and Indigo EP) and Dragonfly Records’ compilation Order Odonata Vol. 1, before signing with Suzuki’s new label Matsuri Productions. The following year Prana produced a number of EPs for that label, including Scarab and Future Space Travellers (a collaboration between Suzuki and the Swedish group Athena), as well as appearing on various compilations. Their debut album Cyclone arrived early in 1996 by which time Taylor had moved to Australia and Suzuki had begun working with Andy Guthrie. During the next year they wrote and recorded a number of tunes which, together with five remixes of tracks from Cyclone by Snake Thing (Taylor), Tristan And Process, the Green Nuns Of The Revolution, Chakra and Total Eclipse, formed Prana’s second album Geomantik (1997). Owing to other commitments, the pair did not release any new material until ‘Kollage’ on the Matsuri compilation Forever Psychedelic in 1998. One of the most imaginative psychedelic trance groups around, Prana create exciting spacious textures from unimaginable rips, squeaks and creaks blended with subtle riffs over a varied foundation of solid, funky grooves; notable examples are ‘Boundless’ (1997) and the remix of ‘Alien Pets’ on Matsuri’s Let It Rip compilation (1997).