10 Songs, 55 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5

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7 Ratings



I'm so excited for this album to come! The single sounds as good, melodic, and heavy as Threat Signal represents. Finally, another masterpiece is coming soon!!

Amazing so far!


Absolutely love threat signal. All their albums are great, and the mix of metal and melodic are perfect.

Elimination process is a phenomenal song just released and exit the matrix is solid also. Pre ordered this bad boy and can’t wait to hear the rest! Hell yes Threat Signal.

What Could Have Been


Oh man. After listening to the entire album my impression is that the band is evolving but the vocalist is devolving.
The guitars are amazing; pushing the boundaries of a progressive melodic djent style in cooperation with the syncopated drumming. Solos are on par with the best. The production is near perfect with great tricks and effects.
But the vocals... (cringe face)
If you are familiar with their previous catalogue, you've already heard half the vocal melodies and cadences on this album. He just uses the same approaches over and over, not to mention including every lyrical cliche in the book! Such a lack of creativity. It's a shame because there were some really great chord changes and dynamics that he just whiffed on.
This is one of my favorite bands! I was looking forward to this so much! I'm really sorry to be so harsh. I hope it grows on me as I memorize it but I'm pretty upset.

About Threat Signal

A relatively melodic metalcore act with some death and thrash influences, Hamilton, Ontario's Threat Signal sit comfortably next to contemporaries like Fear Factory and Lamb of God. Threat Signal were formed in 2003 by singer Jon Howard and his cousin, lead guitarist Rich Howard, filled out with rhythm guitarist Kyle McKnight, bassist Marco Bressette, and drummer Adam Matthews. After achieving some early notoriety in the international online metal community, with four of their demo tracks achieving heavy airplay on various websites, Threat Signal released the Rational Eyes EP through the digital-oriented label Gomek Records in 2005. Although Threat Signal signed with the respected metal indie Nuclear Blast Records and recorded their first album with Fear Factory guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers later that same year, a period of personnel instability delayed its release for nearly a year. Drummer Adam Matthews was the first to leave, replaced by George Parfitt. Then founding guitarist Rich Howard split, with Bressette taking over lead guitar duties while Pat Kavanagh was drafted into the bass slot. Following the delayed release of debut album Under Reprisal and an extensive tour, Bressette left Threat Signal suddenly in March 2007, as did drummer Parfitt, the latter of whom cited family reasons. Undaunted, Threat Signal began demoing material for their second album while auditioning new members, eventually settling on a lineup consisting of Howard, Kavanagh, drummer Norm Killeen, and guitarists Travis Montgomery and Adam Weber. The resulting Vigilance was released in 2009. Weber and Killeen left the fold the following year, and were replaced by drummer Alex Rüdinger and guitarist Chris Feener, who made their first studio appearances on the group's eponymous, Zeuss-produced third full-length outing in 2012. More lineup changes heralded the arrival of 2017's Disconnect, which saw Rüdinger being replaced by Our Lady of Bloodshed drummer Joey Muha, and touring guitarist Matt Perrin taking over for Feener -- Muha left the group to join Jungle Rot before the recording, and was succeeded by Andrew Minarik. ~ Stewart Mason

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada