3 Songs, 12 Minutes


About AK/DK

Brighton based multi-instrumentalists Ed Chivers and Graham Sowerby created AK/DK after meeting at an art installation in London in 2008. The duo initially formed as a conceptual arts project before going on to create melodic electronic music with a shared passion for synthesizers and the music and influence of Raymond Scott, Add N to (X), and Krautrock. As the band developed, their live performances encouraged people from the audience to come and perform with them, which enhanced the D.I.Y. approach to their recordings to match their live shows. A full European tour as support for the Dandy Warhols followed, and at one point they were joined on-stage by keyboardist Zia McCabe. Toward the end of 2012, the group played a gig with their heroes Damo Suzuki from Can and Ann Shenton from Add N to (X) at the Green Door Store in Brighton. The band released the EPs Dispatch #1 in 2011, Dispatch #2 in 2012, and Dispatch #3 in 2013 (the latter of which included the single "Battersea"), all staying true to their raw D.I.Y. approach to music recording. The debut album Synths + Drums + Noise + Space was released in 2014.

Brighton, England