19 Songs, 2 Hours 25 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
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30 Ratings

Gorgeous music!


Quite honestly, this is the most beautiful DnB album I've ever heard! I've already shared the preview with many friends and can't wait to get the full album! Nice work Etherwood... and London Elektricity for introducing on your podcast!

I never pre-order anything...

1xtra fanboy

Until Now. This is a master class in the capability of digital music. So much emotion and care in these tracks..If the world created another Golden Record. A tune from this album should be on it.

Spreading your music thru 'murica..lol

Crystal cleer

Like the guy before I never preorder any thing..but I did and I know just what I got!! Beautiful music!!!!I work at a pretty large company and when I play your music people ask what is that??? And I say..."pure dnb"

About Etherwood

Producer and guitarist Etherwood discovered drum'n'bass during the late '90s but didn't release his first production until 2012. Technically, the first recording to bear his name was a Jakwob and Etherwood remix of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games"; he also played guitar as part of Jakwob's band. He made his proper debut that November when he appeared on Hospital Records' Sick Music 3 compilation with "Give It Up," an emotive track laced with multiple melodic keyboard lines. The similarly emotive "Spoken" was placed on Hospitality Drum & Bass 2013 in January 2013, and the producer's first album, a self-titled set with appearances from the likes of Nu:Tone, Laurelle Robichaud, Georgia Yates, and Hybrid Minds, was released on Hospital's Med School division that November. The album was a minor commercial success, but was hailed by fans and critics alike, and Etherwood soon became a firm favorite with the drum'n'bass crowd. His second album, Blue Leaves, followed two years later, and his third, In Stillness, early in 2018; recorded in total solitude in the wilds of Finland, it featured the lushest, most poignant music he'd made to date, while incorporating more live elements than ever before. ~ Andy Kellman




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