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59 Ratings


Valdrake Garuda

GREAT soundtrack for anyone who loves VG Music, or even hearing new age type music.

The songs very much give me a feeling that i'm listening to a combination of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Xenosaga/Xenogears music. all of which have some fantastic music! HIGHLY recommend this for ANY final fantasy fan even if you don't plan on getting the game.
The arrangements pleasently pleased with! and some files are the orrignal sounds but hey they're still good!

I was a little disapointed at first to see some songs only lasting 1min, but hey listening to old skool NES music for 4 mins may drive anyone insane now a days @,@;

all in all i can't wait for the game! and hey 15$ for any final fantasy soundtrack totally worth it!

Turned out perfect


When I first heard the titles that were going to be remade, I thought for sure it wouldn't be all that great.
What do you know, it turned out to be perfect.
I cant wait for the game to come out!



Have to say I am looking forward to the game its self on March 22 but glad the soundtrack came early and I loved Dissidia soundtrack a lot but Dissidia 012 just blew me away a lot. I love it a lot and enjoy the diferent songs from each series of final fantasy. Even heard some of my Fav songs and really enjoyed it. Good job Square Enix keep up the work on the soundtracks this one has to be the best or close to 1st in final fantasy series for soundtracks.

PS.. Just listening to the muisc makes me want to play all the games agian lol love this soundtrack!!

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