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121 Ratings

Dissidia Final fantasy


The Dissidia Final Fantasy come to iTunes!! yeah
I love all the soundtrack which in the game it is good
worth to buy it!

How coincidental!


WOW! The day before I realized that I wanted this soundtrack, but when I went on eBay, I decided that I wasn't going to pay a bunch of money for 55 songs when I only want about 10 of them. But, as soon as I saw this, I freaked out and got really excited! I can finally buy the songs from this game that I really liked! I am mostly excited about getting the Boss Battle theme from Final Fantasy XII because for some reason iTunes has not uploaded that soundtrack and I am most DEFINITELY not going to buy that one on eBay because I didn't care much for it. Thanks so much, iTunes! YOU NEED TO UPLOAD MORE GAME SOUNDTRACKS!!! FINAL FANTASY IS NOT ENOUGH! YOU WOULD MAKE SO MUCH MORE MONEY IF YOU LISTENED TO ME!!!



This is a wonderful soundtrack for a wonderful game! This game has remakes of classic Final Fantasy songs like Battle on the Big Bridge and so many others. It also has some of the original songs by the wonderful Nobuo Uematsu himself! Cosmos, Chaos, and The Messenger are all wonderful pieces in their own right. Overall, this soundtrack is definitely worth a listen!

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