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Undeniable Passion = A Terrific Album


With Time To Grow, the sophomore CD from the Lovell Sisters -- these three remarkable women have done just that and more. Drawing on their extensive touring, constant exposure to all kids of music, and maturity as they’ve become adults, they’ve produced 11 songs (including five originals) that are performed with incredible passion, soul and musicianship. Jessica (violin), Megan (dobro) and Rebecca (mandolin) are phenomenal musicians both individually and when they blend their sound together. Their perfect harmonies are a wall of sound that’s pure joy. It might seem odd at first that these sisters can sing about lost love, life’s regrets and dying with such emotional honestly given their age, but they can -- and it’s totally believable. And when you put it all together, it’s something truly special. Passion? That’s almost too weak of a word. They’re sharing their gift of music with the listener in a way few musicians can. These are true artists doing what they love and it shows in every song, every chord change, every solo and every note. Of the originals, Paulita Maxwell has grown on me the most. The song features great storytelling, harmonies and lovely touches from Megan on dobro. Rebecca’s lead vocals are top notch as well. The title track, Time To Grow, speaks to life on the road, but more than that, it actually feels different from their other songs. As if the Lovell Sisters have grown up right in front of your ears. Of the others, Ichetucknee Chutney is just exceptional and delivers a drive that’s wildly infectious. This song shows off everyone’s musicianship, including their guitarist (way to go Matt!). When the individual solos are tossed around, it’s magical -- as if everyone is communicating at a level beyond music. Not to be outdone, You Remain is stunning -- Jessica’s lead vocals and Megan’s achy lap steel guitar work perfectly together. But, really, every song is worth hearing and each will speak to you on a different level. The performance, engineering and production are all highly polished. Any fan of bluegrass or acoustic music will appreciate Time To Grow. But more than that, compared to the way most music is made, produced and marketed, it’s refreshing to hear such wonderful musicians pursuing their passion on their own terms and sharing it with anyone willing to listen. A *steal* at just $8.00. Highly recommended.

Mad Talent

Chad in NC,

I fell in love with this trio at Merlefest last year. Talent like this only comes around every so often and typically not all in the same family. Obviously, talent on loan from God. Strong writing, lyrics, structure and passion for playing.

About The Lovell Sisters

The Lovell Sisters received their first big break in 2005, when the acoustic trio won a teen talent contest sponsored by Prairie Home Companion. The three siblings -- fiddler Jessica, Dobro player Megan, and mandolinist Rebecca -- had previously studied classical music in Calhoun, GA, where they took part in the city's youth symphony and sang in a local church choir. After hearing a recording by bluegrass artist Jerry Douglas, the Lovells decided to ditch their classical instruments and pursue roots music instead, leading to their first performance as the Lovell Sisters in 2004. Following the first-place finish on Prairie Home Companion one year later, the trio released When Forever Rolls Around, a confident debut album co-produced by Brent Truitt.

Rebecca Lovell furthered the band's profile in 2006, when the 15-year-old became the youngest person ever to win the mandolin contest at MerleFest. The Lovell Sisters built upon that recognition with a string of festival appearances and international shows, playing everywhere from Nashville to Norway in the process. Brent Truitt resumed his partnership with the band in 2008, as the girls began recording material for a second album. The resulting Time to Grow was released one year later, featuring five original songs as well as a handful of Americana covers. The group had semi-officially split up by 2010, though, with Megan and Rebecca playing music together as Larkin Poe instead. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Calhoun, GA

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