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139 Ratings

Gazette awesomeness


This album is a very good one it brings out both the hardcore rock and melodic sides of Gazette and it was worth the long wait (^_^)☆



I have to say, after having bought TOXIC, I was pleasantly surprised with this album! I think the band took the concept of TOXIC and gave it a better shape, and to have an entire album of completely new songs is unusual and a big step for the GazettE. The concept of its two CDs in the dichotomy of their songs is also a great idea, and executed well. All in all, this album really showcases how versatile the band is, and always has been. The ballads are absolutely beautiful, their harder songs will have you headbanging wherever you are, and their trademark sound is laced with quite a bit of electronic elements this time around while still remaining tasteful. One thing I've always valued about the GazettE was their amazing and unique guitarmanship, and though I was worried about the techno sound pushing them to the side, I shouldn't have been. Aoi and Uruha are fantastic as always, and there are some great riffs all through this album. DIVISION simply another amazing album by the GazettE, and I hope they keep evolving.

The only complaint I have is that it didn't show up on iTunes sooner. In any case, it's here now, and I am very happy.



It's amazing. Trustttt me. It's basically Toxic and Dim's baby. I've waited so freaking long For this album. And I'm happy iTunes got it :3 that I woke up very early and downloaded it. Something new to listen to on the road and at home. So what're you waiting for?! Go purchase this godly album my friends.

About The GazettE

Labelmates of such J-Rock luminaries as Kagrra, Miyavi, and Alice Nine, the Gazette eventually surpassed all of them, riding the exponential growth of the internet and attendant Western interest in the Japanese scene to eventually become the biggest visual kei band in the world. (Dir en Grey were arguably bigger, but they had long since left their visual roots behind.) Specializing in alternative metal with a cinematic edge and a tendency for moderate stylistic experiments such as dabbling in jazz-rock, the quintet was formed in 2002 by vocalist Ruki, guitarists Uruha and Aoi, bassist Reita, and drummer Yune (in 2003 he was replaced by Kai). All members had previous band experience, but the starting period was still fraught with troubles, as the band's first label, Matina, collapsed in 2003. However, early material (the Gazette's first single was "Wakaremichi," released in April 2002) sufficed to get them a deal with the PS Company label. The stability was all that the band needed, and by March 2004 they had five mini-albums out (the fifth of those, Madara, reached number two on the indie charts) and gave a number of performances, including a festival stint with D'espairsRay, Mucc, Miyavi, and Merry.

2004 was marked by another burst of activity, but only after a debut individual tour and two DVDs did the Gazette finally release its first full studio album, Disorder, which reached number three on the Oricon charts. Spending most of 2005 touring heavily, the band switched from writing its name in kana to the GazettE, in Latin letters, and kickstarted 2006 with its second album, Nil, which duplicated the chart performance of the debut and was followed by another huge tour (the Budokan show was sold-out), as well as an international debut at an anime convention in Bohn, Germany. The cycle was repeated in 2007 with third album Stacked Rubbish (number three on the album charts), a huge national tour, and a stint abroad, this time not just in Germany, but in England, Finland, and France as well. In February 2008, the single "Guren" reached number two on the Oricon charts.

Their fourth album, 2009's Dim, was a sprawling, epic affair which reached number five on the Oricon chart and hugely increased their standing worldwide via releases both in Europe through CLJ Records and in the United States through Maru Music. The band spent most of the next year touring, then moved labels from King Records to Sony. They released a best-of album, Traces, early in 2011, followed by their fifth studio album, Toxic, later in the year. A tighter, harder, and more focused effort, it again charted highly and was also released in Europe. Shortly thereafter they went back into the studio. Forgoing singles this time around, they were ready just nine months later to release yet another full-length album, Division. It was released in Europe through JPU Records, which would handle many of their subsequent albums. Beautiful Deformity followed in 2013 and Dogma in 2015 for the band's 13th anniversary, before they took a break from writing for a while. For the 2017 compilation album Traces, Vol. 2, they re-recorded the best of their ballads. ~ Alexey Eremenko & John D. Buchanan

Kanagawa, Japan



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