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4.6 out of 5
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34 Ratings
Thund3rb4!! ,


The reviewer below me used the word bromides... LOL.

Anyway, just great fun music. Its a modern twist on old classics. The soul and effort this group put into the CD is immense :)


stevie8 ,


A little retro. A little modern. A whole lot of fun.

Nujazz Connoisseur ,

Too overt, far too many bromides

You know, this is going to be my harshest review so far in the Apple store, and here's why:

This album LOOKS like it purports to be a GREAT electrojazz album, but THIS type of electroswing/nuswing is no longer relevant in 2010.

Now, if this was released in 2001-2004 I would have given it a rave 5 star review, however, there have been far too many game-changers since the early 2000s (most notably Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace) that this album feels like a misfit in the company of those folks.

Consider this album in the company of Caravan Palace's eponymous release, Parov Stelar's Coco Part 1, G-Swing's releases. On this album, there is simply too much swing and not enough electro. Weird? NO! It just feels like this album isn't creative enough. Cliches abound -- almost to the point of being a parody of itself.
Cliches are present in Caravan Palace's work -- but looks at how TASTEFULLY, almost SEAMLESSLY the new technology is laced within the swing soundtrack on their effort. FLAWLESS execution. Perhaps, Caravan's is the best album to date in the genre surpassing any single Parov release.

4 stars is being generous. At least, the execution is well-done. Vocal guest performances are very good.

It does sound like a decent concept album -- I just think I will NOT be using many compositions from this release in my own mixes.

Get this if you like Pink Martini though.

The bottomline -- HIve Five's albums each have their own theme. This effort just feels out of place -- today. Excellent when heard in a specific context.

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