10 Songs, 35 Minutes


About Batida

Batida is the name of a project from Angolan/Portuguese DJ Pedro Coquenão (also known as DJ Mpula) in which he combines samples from vintage Angolan tracks from the 1970s with modern electronic dance music, a blend that has been described as "the wildest Angolan street party." The Batida project began as a radio show promoting new African music, but Coquenão expanded the concept to include a multimedia whirlwind of audio and visual art, complete with dancers, percussionists, and whatever else he felt like tossing into the mix. A mixed CD titled Dance Mwangolé was released in Portugal in 2009, and Batida tracks began appearing on internationally issued compilations in 2010. A proper debut album of the whole deal, simply called Batida, was released by the U.K.'s Soundway Records in the spring of 2012. A second project, Dois, was recorded in his own garage studio in Lisbon and released by Soundway in 2014. Following the album's release, Coquenão invited Congolese percussion ensemble Konono No. 1 to his garage, along with guests such as guitarist Papa Juju and MC A.F. Diaphra. Konono No. 1 Meets Batida was released by Crammed Discs in 2016. ~ Steve Leggett



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