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7 Ratings
matty-boy floyd

great music, lousy sound quality

i was psyched to find out that relapse finally put this out on c.d. dolemite is one of my all-time favorite movies, and the music is defintely one of the major reasons why. the soundtrack is a great mix of funk and soul, with chunky wah-wah and 16th note jams on the hi-hat for the action scenes, and smooth love songs for when dolemite is making it with the ladies. the organ on 'ghetto expressions' will really blow your mind, and the promo spots bring to bear rudy ray moore's deft rhymes and comedic wit. my major gripe with the release is that relapse didn't clean up the recording when they mastered it to c.d. the music is present, but the crackling and tape hiss will make you think that you blew a speaker, even when played at low volumes. that aside, this album is a must for fans of the movie, and an absolute treat for 70's r&b enthusiasts.

About Rudy Ray Moore

If Redd Foxx was the king of the party record during the '50s and '60s, then certainly Rudy Ray Moore upped the ante during the '70s with a succession of triple-X-rated platters that were so hot most stores could only sell them under the counter, even during the height of the sexual revolution. His best routines, usually spoken in rhyme, presaged the rap revolution in music by a good 20 years, while his lone acting role, starring in Dolemite, remains one of the great blaxploitation movies of that decade. Among his releases were 1970's Eat Out More Often, 1971's Dirty Dozens, and 1996's This Ain't No White Christmas. ~ Cub Koda

Fort Smith, AR
March 17, 1927



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